Monday, March 31, 2008

My Hero!

I have to say I am so proud of my husband! He has been working so hard to get ready for the Marine Mud Run and it has paid off. It is a 6 mile Marine obstacle course, with mud and walls and cargo nets and mud. They say that 1/3 of people who start it don't finish it, well, James did! He even did much better than he thought he would. It is so true, you CAN do anything you put your head to! Based on the time frame, due to some rescheduled softball games for the girls, we were not going to be able to go. Well, I decided right after church that we were going to surprise Daddy at the end! We would just miss the warm up, but hopefully make it for the game. I did not know where LaGrave field was and ended up driving around downtown Fort Worth for about 30 minutes looking for it. I finally got a hold of Chris and he got me there. We only had to wait about 20 minutes for James to run across the finish line. He was so muddy that I didn't recognize him and had to really look before I had the girls holler for their daddy! He was so surprised to see us, but I wanted him to know how much we loved him and supported him and what better way to do that then to have 3 little cheer leaders at the end of a six mile grueling run!
If you are interested in seeing what this is all about, click here - - The next Mud Run is on 10/25/08. I have been inspired to push beyond my normal girl limits and do a team with James. We need 3 more particpants to team up with us. If you are interested in pushing beyond your limits and getting dirty for a good cause, let us know! In the meantime, here are some pictures of my awesome husband and his moments after the finsh line! (Yes, it says start, but it says finish on the other can see the time he finished on the left of him. I take that back, you can't really see it very well here, but it says 1 hour 13 minutes.) In the last picture, the one in the middle is Steve and he was a Marine and he stayed with James the whole time. Thank you Steve! (For those of you in our Nascar Fantasy Racing league, this is the other Steve playing with us!)The other guy in the picture was with them too, he finished 6th! He was already cleaned up and waiting for James and Steve to cross the finish line. Congratulations boys!

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Heidi said...

Way to go James!! Congrats.

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