Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free isn't so free

I took all my girls to school today. 4 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am free of children. Peace. No one screaming in my ear that someone hit her or spit at her or isn't being fair or won't stay out of my room! Whew. I look forward to it, I earned it. I was walking through Walmart today, alone. It was a different experience. Have you ever done it? You should try it if you haven't. I was walking calming, looking at everything. If I wanted to stop and look at something I did. I was on my way to the checkout line and realized I forgot something on the other side of the store. Of course, it happens all the time. Now my first instinct was to go ahead and checkout, because I was almost done and the checkouts were right there, there was one open and I can just put the item back on the list for next time I go to the store. I stopped in my tracks. I did not have any kids and I did not have to rush home for any reason. Well then, that is a new feeling! Guess what I did, walked to the other side of the store, found my item, gently placed it in my cart and walked back to the other side of the store to again, ready myself for check out. Smiling all the way while I looky loo'd. I slowly did the self check out and put everything exactly where I wanted it. I got my receipt and proceeded toward the door. I then realized that I could carry the 4 bags in my hands and did not have to take the cart out today. I gave the cart to the greeter at the door, she smiled and said, "Thank you, have a great day!" I smiled back and said, "Thank you! You too!" Then I casually went on my way out the door.

On my way out to the van it hit me. In 2 years, at this time, all my girls will be in school. All day, every day school. Wow. What the heck will I do all day, everyday? Miss my girls, I will miss them. Catie right now is 8 and she already doesn't want to kiss me goodbye anymore. She blows me kisses and occasionally she will play catch up and give me hugs and kisses for all the days she didn't actually do it. What will it be like when all 3 of them are "too big" to do it? What will it be like when we are not the most important people anymore. It seems like for all the times I say, "Whew, some freedom and quiet time", there will be so many more when I say, "Whew, I sure miss my little girls screaming in my ear that someone hit her or spit at her or isn't being fair or won't stay out of my room!" God bless them and thank you Lord for showing me that today, just at the right time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Awesome day!

Besides the usual to and fro for school and stuff, I did my stationary bike again for 30 minutes. I did it a couple of days ago too, but have not had a chance to blog about it. It has been an emotionally draining week due to family issues. I have to get past it though because I don't have control, only God does.

Anyway, we had our first practice for softball last night (my church team) and it rocked. Not everyone was there, but I always look forward to the fellowship with everyone and last night was no different. I was so excited because I got to hit the ball last night. I have been really practicing in my head and have gone to the batting cages a couple of times and it paid off. I hit the ball last night and actually made it out of the infield! Yea! It felt good too. The first season I sucked at hitting and catching. Last season I sucked at hitting, but my catching had improved. This season, my catching is a little rusty, but I am sure that will get better, but my hitting has improved. I also got my first real boo boo last night, trying to catch a pop up. I was running out to it and tripped on a hole, missed the ball, rammed my shin into the ground and slid on dry grass on top of it. Luckily, there was no blood, but my shin under my knee is swollen and really sore today. That is part of it. I probably would have bled had it happened on the field, but I would not have tripped on the uneven holey ground.

Well, I am soooo excited for the new season that is upon us. Our last game is Thanksgiving week. What an adventure.

Lots more stuff to talk about, but not right now.
Until we read again! wt

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yea me!

I rode my stationary bike today for 30minutes! I feel great too. I am reading this book and I read it while I was riding it. It makes the time go a lot quicker. It did not hurt that it wasn't flaming hot outside either! :-) I guess it is a start. I walked 2 miles last Thursday after I took the little ones to school. That was awesome too. I did 1mile in 13 minutes and the second mile in 11minutes. My goal with that will be to walk be to eventually bring it down, but I think it is a good start.

Until we read again...wt

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Today at Church, it was brought to our attention that that we are always in a hurry. It is funny how God throws things at you, just when you need it because it is soooo true. Everywhere I go, I feel rushed. I rush through life and rush through my shows, rush through homework with my kids, even rush through mowing the lawn because rain was coming today, (which by the way, it ended up not even raining at our house!) A month or so ago, I was driving behind someone who was going slow (the speed limit) on our back country road and heard my 3 year old say, "C'mon DUDE!" It was a slap in the face. How many times must she have heard me say that? A few days ago, she said it again. I realized that, not only am I rushing all the time, my girls are watching and learning from me to be busy bodies. Before church this morning, my husband realized that he is basically booked up all week this week. Working all day, then softball games/practices, house church, it seems the list goes on. How is it that in life today we are keep ourselves so busy that we don't have time to sit down and relax or take care of ourselves. I complain all the time about how overweight I am. I could make time for that, my heart wants to make time for that, but I don't. My head makes up excuses and my limbs follow suit.
I am not really sure where I am going with this post, but alas to ponder, why are we so busy and what can I do to make a difference so my kids don't grow up running their lives away, in a hurry, like I do. C'mon Dude!

Until we read again! wt

Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wendy

Today is day number one of my blog. Welcome to my world. I will share some of my thoughts during the life of this blog. How long it will last, only God knows. I will use this as a vent to let out some of that exhaust that seems to build up in the Wonderful World of Wendy. Expect to hear a lot about my lovely T girls, (since they did get the star name of the blog) and some of my trials and tribulations that my life will bring me to and God will bring me through. I am hoping to use this as my accountability too. I want to lose some weight and I found that being held accountable is helpful, so this will be my anonymous way of doing that. Thanks for following me on my way.


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