Monday, July 28, 2008

Catie and All Stars 2008 is fini

The benchwarmers before New Orleans....

To those who prayed and even got to come see a game or donated to the team or bought from the team, THANK YOU! We had an outstanding season and it was fun. I wish Catie could have gotten to play more, but she did get to play some and that is what is important.
The team did make it to Nationals which was held in Slidell, LA 16-20July08. It was hot and steamy. We played 3 games on Thursday, 17th July and the games began at 8am. Our girls do not play well first thing in the morning and even after an hour warm up prior, they still lost all 3 games. That was a downer. We went back to the hotel and swam for a little while then Catie and I went out to dinner with a family who is living near there and will be moving out to Burleson in the near future to be associate pastors at our church! (With 3 little boys, they will help even out the girls at church!) It was great and we went down to the French Quarter and ate at a restaurant called "Mulate's". Real Cajun food and it was awesome! Thank you to the Wells Family for hanging out with us for a little while and for the awesome dinner!
So, Friday we had 2 games and our first one was at 1240p, we already knew it would be a good game! Yes, we did win that game and were very excited! Going into game 2, which we had to win to go to the final tournaments on Saturday, we knew it would be hard. This team was kickin behinds and takin names. With a little team shuffling, the girls worked hard, but couldn't close the deal. We were the only team that was able to hold them to no runs during a couple of innings. The other innings, they scored max points though. The score ended, 6-5 with them winning. That was a bummer.
Now to Catie, she got to play 4 total innings and hit twice. My digital camera took a dump, so I didn't get too many pics, but I did have a friend who caught Catie hitting her first at bat. She it it to 3rd and got thrown out at first, but she it it hard!
I will finish with this,
I am glad Catie got this experience and glad she had a good time.
Praise God it is over! Fall Ball starts in 2 weeks, (yuck). Miranda wants to play and Jessi is thinking about it. Catie has decided that 6 months of softball is enough for her, she won't be playing fall ball this time... whew...

The girls in the parade - Catie is the first hat on the left.
The team getting beads from the teams behind them in the parade!
Catie and Shelby after the opening ceremonies...lots of beads and the fun has just begun!
Catie's big swing!
And she hits it!

The benchwarmers after New Orleans! From the left, Shelby, Brianna, Kelsie and Catie.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catie and All Stars - Coming Soon!

I wanted to just let you know that I will be posting soon! I have some pictures from the opening ceremonies on Wednesday night, but after that my digital camera took a dump. I did buy a disposable, but I have to get the film developed, so give me a couple days and I will get some pics up and tell you all what happened!

Thanks and Until we read again!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life in General

Ok, so I thought I would throw another post up here.
I painted my cat room yesterday and started the transformation process into my very own office/peace space. It looks incredible. We are getting high speed internet later this week and once I get that settled in and figured out, I will move my computer in there. In a few years hopefully, I will have a laptop and then it will be perfect. For now, though, my flat screen monitor works perfect and I can hide the base under a table cloth on the floor so you can't see it. When things get finalized, I will be sure to load up some picts for everyone to see.

What else, Catie is going to Nationals for All Stars next week! We are driving to Slidell, LA. I am nervous about what to expect, but hopefully God will bless the girls who are playing with a cool and safe week/weekend. Once Nationals are over, we are over with softball for the summer, Praise God! Hopefully Catie will be able to have a calm rest of the summer and she can relax.

Not much else to talk about right now. Just wanted to get something up other than the Nascar one. I am sure you are ready to stop seeing that one!

Be blessed!
Until we read again...

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