Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life in General

Ok, so I thought I would throw another post up here.
I painted my cat room yesterday and started the transformation process into my very own office/peace space. It looks incredible. We are getting high speed internet later this week and once I get that settled in and figured out, I will move my computer in there. In a few years hopefully, I will have a laptop and then it will be perfect. For now, though, my flat screen monitor works perfect and I can hide the base under a table cloth on the floor so you can't see it. When things get finalized, I will be sure to load up some picts for everyone to see.

What else, Catie is going to Nationals for All Stars next week! We are driving to Slidell, LA. I am nervous about what to expect, but hopefully God will bless the girls who are playing with a cool and safe week/weekend. Once Nationals are over, we are over with softball for the summer, Praise God! Hopefully Catie will be able to have a calm rest of the summer and she can relax.

Not much else to talk about right now. Just wanted to get something up other than the Nascar one. I am sure you are ready to stop seeing that one!

Be blessed!
Until we read again...

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