Sunday, March 29, 2009

My nine year streak is OVER...

Well, I finally had to take one of my girls to the ER for stiches. Poor Jessica had a meeting with a mean old ceiling fan on top of a bunk bed at a friends house. Don't worry, there was a lot of blood, but she was a trooper. In fact, when I got back to my friends house (in like 2 minutes...) the only one's left crying were Miranda, Catie and Torie. Jessi wasn't crying anymore, till she saw me of course.

We went to the ER and only had to wait about 10 minutes in the waiting room, it was a head wound you know. We were in and out in about, oh, 3 hours. Thankfully Jumanji was on ABC Family and we got to watch that. She didn't cry at all while the doctor did the stiches. She held my hand and when he was done, she had a big smile on her face. She wanted her milkshake.

We went to TGI Fridays for dinner and our waitress was so sweet that she had the manager comp all the kids some ice cream for dessert. So, here are some pictures for you if you are interested. She got 7 stiches and the doctor took about 30 minutes to get it done, just to make sure he did it right.

Don't be scared by her evil eyes...she was trying to be funny and the other pics I took wouldn't come out. She really is sweet. :-)

You can see in the pictures that she had another scratch, that was the second swipe of the next blade, but Catie grabbed her and pulled her back before it got a good whack at her. Thank you Catie!


Heidi said...

Poor Jessica! She'll have to come back over and play now that the ceiling fan is off :) I was glad to see her smiling and happy this morning.

Hollie said...

Kids will be kids ;o) Jessica is a real TROOPER!! And big sister Catie was at the rescue!!
Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Wow, what a great big sister Catie is! Jessie, you're beautiful as always. And Wendy...aren't you a little relieved to have the first one over?! :)

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