Friday, April 25, 2008

First assignment

Hello fellow Readers,
I mentioned a post or so ago that I was beginning a new writing course online. I have finished 2 lessons now and absolutely love it. I can feel my creative juices flowing again and it feels great! I wanted to share my first writing assignment with you. We were supposed to light a candle and tell everyone about the candle. Our goal was to bring all the 123 people in the class enough about the candle, that they felt like they were looking at it too. So, here it is!

My candle has an amber glow down to middle as it flickers at the wick. It is swaying while the draft gently tosses it around. I wonder, if I sit here very still, will it stand at attention? Are the breaths, that I breath really enough to make it continue to move? The wax around the wick is beginning to melt. It has burned down just enough into the center of the candle that it looks like the inside of a cave with a hot spring in the middle and fire coming up out of the water. The fire continues to jump, unsteadily with a serene feel to it. As I stare into the small flame, it looks soft. Like if I touch it, it wouldn’t hurt, but feel like a warm winter blanket. I can feel the warmth and if I let myself go, I imagine it being cold outside and having this warm fire to cuddle up next to. Soon, I will have to blow out this, ever so peaceful flickering flame and move on with my day.

Until we read again...


TGirlsRock said...

Here are the comments from my instructor...Yea!!! wt
"Good description, TRF. You give your imagination a workout here. You begin by interacting with your candle, seeing what effect you have on this object you're describing. You try out a simile ("like the inside of a cave") to help us get a more accurate sense of what you're seeing. You move on to sensory details that help us imagine how the wax and the warmth will feel. Your final mental image gives us a place to visit too. Fine writing practice!"

Stephen said...

I have noticed a lot of improvement since you started your blog. Now lessons! How cool is that. Keep it up, you obviously love to write and you are good and getting better.

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