Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's play the what if game?

I don't know if this is even worth writing about, but I felt the need to do it anyway. The thought came to my head, like a brink, on the way home from taking Catie to school. I know that folks say not to play the, "What If Game", because you could play it all day and never win, but I did it anyway. I am always breaking the rules...

Anyway, how about this scenario?

What if, the person you are today, went back 10 - 15 years to the person you were back then? Could you live that life? What would your friends and family and coworkers think of you?

I went back to when I was a supervisor in Customer Service. I guess that was '98/'99 for me. That is what I was doing before I got pregnant and while I was pregnant with Catie. I was a different person then. Looking back, I see a world full of sin all around me. I was swimming in the midst of it and didn't even know it. I was blinded by the darkness. That was before I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I still had God with me, but I didn't live for Him. If I was to go back and live this life back then, I don't think that I would have lasted very long. I probably would have not been able to speak freely about my faith. I probably would have been made fun of. I probably would have felt like the outcast. I can see folks calling me the Jesus freak or Bible Thumper. Persecuted, in my own job, go figure. I don't think I would have been very respected. I think, in my case, my family would have been the same as they are now. Tentative, supportive, but not very understanding of what I had and why I wanted them to have it too. It is hard for people, who don't see the light, to see it until they "see" it. Does that make sense? I don't think that I would have had the same friends because my light might have blinded them. They were in such a dark place. I wonder who I would have had as friends? Who was a follower and I never saw them because they were too scared to show their light for fear of being ostracized? Interesting question. I guess I will never know.

There are tons of other questions this game could raise right now, but I think that is enough for me. You know, I could play this game all day long and never win.

Until we read again...


I am Blessed said...


I know exactly what your talking about! My heart LEAPS for joy to see the Work, God has done in you!

I look back and can see the "change" God has done in you! I think it really began when you and Catie went to New Orleans. You started listening to God and asking Him the questions He desired you to ask!

Your LIGHT is bright! So SHINE ON, GIRL! I'm REALLY Proud of you and the drive you have to let God take the wheel!

I give THANKS for the relationship we have, that has BLOSSOMED over the last few years! I remember the first time I called you, and how we just "clicked"! That was when you and James just got Miranda.

I LOVE to witness God's GREAT WORKS! Love ya girl ;o)

Heidi said...

awesome post!! look at what can happen in just 10 years!!

Rachel said...

i love this post!! and...i love the "what if" game.
thanks for sharing!!

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