Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To be or not to be a middle schooler? Therein lies the question.

My sweet 11, almost 12 year old is going into sixth grade. Yes, middle school. Or is she? A year ago, I said that we were homeschooling. At the end of the school we weren't. Now, we are. Or are we...? We are, we aren't. Oh man!

Let me step back, to a year ago. God laid homeschooling on my heart before she began fifth grade. She was on board with the prospects at the beginning of the school year. By year end, the teachers had built up the idea of middle school that she decided she didn't want to. She said, “Let me just try one year and see how it goes. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, physically,” I said, “but what happens to my sweet Catie and your brain and moral character?” Lions and Tigers and Kerr Cougars, Oh My!

I finally decided, to let go and let God have it (should have done that in the beginning, duh.) “Catie, let’s pray about it this summer.” I said when school got out. “If God wants us to do it, He will change your heart. If He doesn’t, then you can go to middle school and we will trust Him.” I figured if it was His will for her to go, then He would keep her safe.

Two weeks ago, after church, Catie came to me and asked if it was too late to homeschool? I told her nope and here we are, looking for curriculum. Ugh…what a dreadful, delight. My mind is swirling with possibilities, while I grab for a throw up bag. I don’t want to make a bad choice. I hear the words of friends and family echoing in my ear,

“You don’t want her to get behind and then go back to school and have to redo a grade.”

“You'll never make it, you’re not organized enough?”

“She’s going to be weird and unsocialized!”

Now, I can let the evil one cause me to fear the unknown or I can trust that if God laid this on our hearts, He is going to help us muddle through the dirty mess of choices and come out clean on the other side. I know this journey is going to be filled with craziness. I know this journey could be rough at times and not so bad at other times. That said, I’m actually excited to try this and let God bless our family for trusting Him. And I’m glad we are doing it together. I’ll keep you posted.

Be blessed, until we read again…wt

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