Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Softball blunders

Okay, so last night we had another CJ softball game. I got to play second base for the first time. I usually play catcher. I had a terrible game last night. I missed more than one ball. Here's one picture of my game, have you ever have one of those moments where it's like time slows down? Well, I missed the ball, lost my balance and hit the ground. I remember looking up, shocked that I missed it, because I was so sure I wasn't going to. I realized that everyone was looking at me and was pulled back to reality by yelling to get the ball because it was still in play. Hello, the game is still going. The winning run scored and the game was over. Let me top it off for you. I hit the ball terrible last night too. I had one more at bat and I had gone over it a million times while sitting on the bench. I get up to bat and smack it hard over the shortstops head. Whew hew! I take off to run, bam, tripped in the hole on the other side of the plate, do a somersault roll over my right shoulder, get up, still sure that I was going to make it to first because it was a perfect hit between the left fielder and shortstop.....that is, if the left fielder was playing where he was supposed to, but alas, he wasn't and caught it. I was out. I was dirty, blood dripping down my knee, dirt pouring out my ear, esteem in the gutter, out. On the bright side though, I did however get a chance to redeem myself to myself. Another team needed a girl to play and I offered to help. I played with people I did not even know. I had 2 great hits and helped them win the game, which they had not done yet. I knew I could do it, even with no one watching. I love to play softball.


Chris C. said...

You da bomb! We had fun even if the last inning turned into America's Funniest Home Videos!

Heidi said...

Hey, you were awesome!! Isn't it lots of fun?....even when we lose :( I am having a blast this season!

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