Friday, September 21, 2007

Awesome day!

Besides the usual to and fro for school and stuff, I did my stationary bike again for 30 minutes. I did it a couple of days ago too, but have not had a chance to blog about it. It has been an emotionally draining week due to family issues. I have to get past it though because I don't have control, only God does.

Anyway, we had our first practice for softball last night (my church team) and it rocked. Not everyone was there, but I always look forward to the fellowship with everyone and last night was no different. I was so excited because I got to hit the ball last night. I have been really practicing in my head and have gone to the batting cages a couple of times and it paid off. I hit the ball last night and actually made it out of the infield! Yea! It felt good too. The first season I sucked at hitting and catching. Last season I sucked at hitting, but my catching had improved. This season, my catching is a little rusty, but I am sure that will get better, but my hitting has improved. I also got my first real boo boo last night, trying to catch a pop up. I was running out to it and tripped on a hole, missed the ball, rammed my shin into the ground and slid on dry grass on top of it. Luckily, there was no blood, but my shin under my knee is swollen and really sore today. That is part of it. I probably would have bled had it happened on the field, but I would not have tripped on the uneven holey ground.

Well, I am soooo excited for the new season that is upon us. Our last game is Thanksgiving week. What an adventure.

Lots more stuff to talk about, but not right now.
Until we read again! wt

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Heidi said...

I am SO excited about softball...and SO bummed that I have to miss the first game...but I will be cheering you guys on!

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