Friday, August 22, 2008

Another dream

Wow, when it rains, it pours. I guess, since I showed God that I was ready and willing to listen, He decided He would give me a opportunity. I will pass this along for you to pray about. Maybe it's for you too.

I was fighting in some kind of war. We were in a riverwalk type place. I, along with 2 other women, were captured, although I never did see who I was fighting against. They were people, but with undescript faces. Our hands were tied behind our backs and we were led into an open area, like an outdoor restaurant without tables. It looked like it had been made into a holding area with couches and pillows. Our captors removed our bindings and told us to sit down on a couch up against a far wall. They handed us some handcuffs, only there weren't with locks, they were yellow padded and had velcro instead. They asked us to put them on behind our backs. The two women next to me did. I started to, then realized that if they can't see what I am doing, then I will pretend. When they left the area, I looked to my commanding officer and asked her what the plan was. She said that they had taken our belongings and held them in the Dollar Store across the walkway and we needed to escape and sneak over there to get them. She said with the bushes and trees down to the river, we could get down there and then sneak back up outside the store. She then said that they were not going to go. They didn't want to leave. I knew that I was not going to stay, I know what happens to POW's and I didn't want to be any part of that. When no one was looking, I jumped up and ran outside the area down the hill. I turned around and hid behind some bushes to see what was going on. The captors realized I wasn't there, so I was not going to be able to get my belongings. It was just a matter of time before they came for me. I ran down the hill as fast as I could and jumped into the water. I stayed near the bushes and trees for saftey, but did not go onto ground because I didn't want the hounds to catch my scent. After running for a little while, I turned around and saw that no one was coming after me. I came to a clearing and there sat my family. All but my oldest daughter. They were not happy to see me though. They didn't believe what I was fighting or what I was fighting for. I didn't have any food and wanted to eat so I explained my plight to my husband and asked him for a couple bucks. He said he didn't want to but pulled out his wallet anyway. Then I woke up. The ringing in my ears was calling me to read Psalm 74.

I got up and read Psalm 74. I had never read it before. It is a prayer to God to use his limitless power. If you haven't read it, stop right now and grab your bible and take a gander. Kinda scary.

After I got done reading it, I read over my notes from my dream again. As I read it, I had feelings of what it meant to me so I wrote those down too. I am positive it was from God. Here is what I got -

It is a dream about spiritual warfare. The unseen army were forces of darkness, which is why I could not see their faces. The velcro handcuffs can only hold us if we allow them to. Our enemies don't actually put the bindings on us, we have to put them on ourselves. We talked about getting away, but the other 2 captives were not willing to take the velcro bindings off and were willing to risk death to stay. I could not go get my things when I finally escaped because if I would have ventured up the hill to get them, I was risking going back into the very bondage I just got out of. I can't take the things of this life with me in this war. I was not ever afraid in this dream. I did not want to be captured anymore. The enemy is always waiting for me, but they did not chase me. They lay in wait and set traps and wait for me to come back because they know I will. My family was upset because I was fighting in a war they didn't want me in. They didn't realize that they should be fighting in it too. All of Gods children are fighting this war, some just don't know it yet. My oldest was not at the table with everyone else because even at her early age, she is fighting in it. I think that when God was with her while she was in her coma, she was being prepared for early battles. I feel like I need to be doing a better job of equipping her, but that is another story altogether.

So that is my story. I pray that God uses it to touch someone out there. I know that my eyes and ears are open now and I pray that God continues to use me.

Until we read again!

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