Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindergarten Milestones

Well folks, not only has my precious Miranda started school, just 2 whole days ago, but she also lost her first tooth! She noticed it was loose on the first day of school then came home the next day with it very loose and today it was stuck by a thread. I said, "Miranda, do you want me to go ahead and just pull it out."
She said, "Well, ummmmm, yes!" When we got home I was checking my email and had totally spaced my commitment. She came up to me with 2 kleenex's and said, "One to hold the tooth so you don't get blood on your fingers and one to catch it with when it falls out so it doesn't get dirty."

So sweet. I yanked that sucker out and placed it on the pantry door with all of our other trophy teeth. See our tooth fairy leaves money in the bags, she has too many teeth so she lets Mommy keep them. :-)

Well, it has been a big week this week. School, falling teeth and I started my book again today, although this time, I think I might actually get further than one page. Jessi starts school next week...hopefully I won't cry while I start running to train for the Mud Run.

Until we read again!

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Heidi said...

those are two big things close together!! thanks again for inviting Torie to Catie's party...she had a blast!

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