Friday, January 11, 2008

Answered prayers

Funny how God works so quickly when you lose it. I had an answer to my post within 3 hours yesterday. By the end of the day everything had turned around and I was feeling better. How awesome is that? I guess he just wanted me to let go and give it up. Why is it that it is a continuous battle to hold onto stuff? Especially when we know that we don't have to? Why do we question his intentions intead of trust that he knows what he is doing? He has the answers, we should just remember to turn to him when we have the questions....

On another note, I have been reading my bible during my workouts on the bike. I read Ecclesiastes the last 2 days. I had no idea what it was about or I might have skipped it till I was in a better mood. How sad King Solomon must have been when he was writing it. He had everything and still realized at the end how meaningless it all was without God. It made me sad too. As a human being we put so much weight on our things that we have. Material things, Relationships with others, what we think, the choices we make. All of it we do is to impress others and for the opinion of others. Really the only thing that should matter is bringing glory to God. Really the only thing we should care about is hearing from God, " Well done, good and faithful servant." However, what matters nowadays is, "Whoever dies with the most wins." King Solomon died with the most and probably died thinking, "Everything is meaningless, without God." He screwed it up and knew it. How sad. I pray that God will not allow us to come to that end. I pray that we can live our lives bringing glory to Him through what we do and who we meet along the way. I pray that when we die, we can hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Until we read again...

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