Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello from T town...

Boy I feel like I have been so far away lately. Living in the now world, so caught up in all this junk. I got sick yesterday, it was terrible. When you are sick like that it make everything seem so trivial. Anyway, I am better today. Actually almost like I was not sick at all. Almost.... Getting better every hour.

So, I have been reading my bible still. It is a great story. I never really understood it, but there is so much in there. I am in Kings/ Chronicles right now. The bible I have is a Chronological bible. It is really like reading a book. The person who did it starts each book with a blurb about what it is about to help you understand what it going on. I love it! I have learned so much and so many things make so much more sense when read it in order.

I see how much we can really gain by understanding what happened to God's people back then. They were like us to some degree on a much simpler level. They were good then they fell away, then God punished them and they came back. Like a yoyo...kinda like we do now. Except we are in the end times and things are really beginning to move.

Anyway, you know those days where you think you got it then don' is one of those days. I guess I will just keep plugging away and hopefully I will feel lots better tomorrow and things will start to make more sense. I will keep you posted.
Until we read again...


daisyluv said...

love u girl
as long as we head toward the light
the tunnel doesn't overcome us with the dark

i know the dark tries to distract me... but alas i just say GO AWAY
i tell ya its hard enough without that distraction too
choo choo
i think i can .....
all you need is love lalalalala
love is all u need


Heidi said...

Glad you are feeling better!! It is SO hard to be sick when you are a mommy. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!?

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