Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I have started a downward trend

I snagged your interest with the title huh??? Well, it is not what you think. One of my New Years Commitments that I made was to my health. I have let it "weigh" me down for too long. I can feel aching in my knees and ankles. My blood pressure has started to go up. I decided that I need to take a stand on my health. I am a control freak and I CAN control that. I got together with my best friend in Oregon, Laura. She wants to do the same thing too. (Although she has been working out for a while now.) She and I started on 2Jan being accountible to each other. We email each other every day to tell each other what we ate and what we did. Our goal calories for the day is our weight times 7. (Not much I know). 64 Ozs of water. 30 minutes of activity. We keep each other motivated. It is totally awesome. That was my biggest thing about Weight Watchers is being held accoutible and motivated. Now I have Laura and I can do it for free! It is working too. I have lost 3 lbs since I started and I feel great! I am excited to get my blood pumping and while I do it I have been reading Gods word. (I read while I ride my stationary bike, don't worry).

So, I will keep you posted as I go forward in my journey with someone who is 2000 miles away. When I go home to visit this summer, we are going to celebrate our weight loss with a day at the spa, getting massages and pedicures! What a great time that is going to be!

Keep us in your prayers that we don't hurt ourselves and we can continue to drop the pounds and make ourselves healthy. Also pray that we have more good days than bad and that when we do have bad days, we can not get discouraged. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change to be healtier. Thank you Lord for showing me with sutble hints, before it was too late!

Until we read again...

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