Monday, January 28, 2008

Caution : God In Progress

God is at work all the time. Sometimes you see him, sometimes you don't. I have had both of those in the last 2 weeks. I remember in elementary school, walking down the hallway and my teacher saying, " You have to watch where you walk so you don't trip." From that moment, I was impacted so heavily, that I was obsessed with watching my feet, so I didn't trip. Later on in my years...probably middle school, I am sure I was not as obsessed with it, but I was told that if I look down at my feet all the time, I can't see where I am going. I should always look up where I am going and trust my feet to take me there. Huh, makes sense, so I started holding my head up, confident that my feet were going to take me where I needed to go because I could see what was coming. A few years later in high school, I was one of those girls who read the horoscopes and twisted them so that they always meant something to me. Don't laugh, you did it too! :-) Anyway, in one of those magazines that I wasted my money on, I was reading an article about body language. It said that if you walk with slumped shoulders, watching your feet, you were afraid of the future and not confident, always preoccupied with the here and now and to be careful of walking while looking down, because you may not trip in a hole, but you might it smacked by a tree branch! That was funny, but scary too, because in a weird way, it was true. Then it went on to tell me that you should walk with good posture, stand up straight, hold you head high and look forward onto the path that you were walking on, because even if there is a hole, you will see it with enough time to react to it and you can move out of the way of the tree branch. That made so much sense to me. Winners both ways!

So, with that story, I am writing to tell you that sometimes, it is hard to look up while we are walking the path of life. Whether it be money or children or family or inanimate objects that breakdown, we seem to focus on the here and now. It is hard not to do that though. We get so wrapped up with the life that we live, the things that we have, the stuff we get busy with. We go to church and look up and forward to the future of Heaven with God and Jesus, then we get home and start looking down again. Next thing you know here comes Satan with that big ole branch and smacks us down, again, and we wonder, "Why did that happen to me?" We don't see it coming because we weren't looking up preparing ourselves for what the path is going to be like. If we were prepared, we could dodge some of the problems, and the ones we can't, well, they won't hurt as bad. How do we prepare ourselves? READ GODS WORD. Let it penatrate you, let it fascinate you, let it entertain you. I have been and let me tell you what. It is frickin awesome! I am reading the Old Testament and it is great. It is really inspiring reading the stories that God told so long ago and I have heard but never fully read. All this time, He was right there and I had no idea what I was missing. What else can we do? PRAY. Do it all the time, silently, happily, graciously, sadly, loudly, however you need to, just do it. He hears them. One thing to remember, His time is not always your time. Things don't happen exactly when you want them to. He is faithful though. He will answer them, one way or another. You have to keep your eyes open though, because he doesn't always hit you with a brick, sometimes it is a feather and you don't even feel it. It happened though and you might still be sitting there waiting. That brings me to another thing, I am sure you have heard it before, hindsight is 20/20. When you do miss it, after some time passes, you can turn around and see that he did answer your prayer, maybe not the way you anticipated, but he did. I always wish that I could have relished in it when it happened. That is why I try to keep my mind ever present for God working right now in me and around me. But I am not perfect by any means. That's why I remember to turn around and look to see what God has going on with me. Sometimes, I am rather surprised. He has big plans for me and it is scary that he trusts me that much.

Moving right along. God is answering prayers right now faithfully, in our family. It is amazing to see how big He is doing it right now. I give him all the glory! The things that he is doing are awesome and will allow us to bless others down the road. I can't wait to see what he has in store. Things that looked so bleak 1 and 2 weeks ago have grown to be bigger than they were before. You can see how I was just a couple of posts ago, and now, well, look where I am now. I was totally wrapped up in the here and now. I heard a song on the radio and was moved by it. After that, I started to come out and refocus and told my friend about the song by Mercy Me, Bring the Rain. I will end with this songs chorus and a thought to keep you looking up and moving forward:

Bring me joy, bring me peace, bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings you glory, cause I know they'll be days when this life brings me pain, but if that's what it takes to praise you, then Jesus bring the rain.

So, with that being said, the rainbow will eventually come and the sun will eventually shine. It will not, however, happen without a storm though, so I will take some rain and patiently wait for it to clear.

Until we read again ~


Hollie said...

WOW, another amazing post! How true yet heart wrenching when we don't have our eyes fixed on God. He has such an amazing plan for you and your wonderful family! I give thanks to God everyday for our friendship and how He has placed us together to grow together in Him! You're totally awesome and this post really hit a HOMERUN! Love ya girl :o)

Heidi said...

Beautiful post, Wendy! You have a way with words and making them touch and pierce my heart everytime. Thank you for being so open and honest!!

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