Thursday, January 3, 2008

movie review - Ratatouille

Well, we pay per viewed this movie last week. It was very cute. It is a Pixar movie and well worth the $3.99 we paid for it. My girls loved it. There was not any bad violence in it, no cussing or anything of the like. There were good guys and bad guys and none of which were negative and they got was was coming to them in the end. Basically if you haven't seen the commercials or if you don't know what it is about, then let me tell you. There is a little mouse named Remy who lives in France with his little mouse family. He realizes that he likes to cook and oddly enough can read to do so, although, he uses his nose and not so much the recipe to do so. (I like to cook that way too.) Anyway, they get caught by the owner of the house and all run out and get seperated in a drain pipe. He ends up in Paris near a fancy restaurant and befriends an American waiter and they learn to cook together and become the rave of the town. The movie is a happy movie that, in a round about way, teaches you to learn how to do things for yourself and not just take from other people (or mice). I liked it and I am sure will watch it again with my girls...over and over and over.

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Hollie said...

Really looking forward to seeing this movie! The kids went and saw it in the theatre, they loved it! It's our next movie on the Blockbuster list! Thanks for the review, your awesome! Lub you!

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